Venice Culinary Tour

The city of Venice boasts a rich history of ties with the West that is with the east, so that its architecture, its uses and its customs were impregnated with a heterogeneous mix of unique features of their kind.

This uniqueness is reflected in the kitchen, which has both the ability to use elements of poor peasant culture, which the city is historically linked to both the use of spices and foods from the Far East and which were often restricted to Venetian dishes .

Even the way of consuming food has always been and still is a time of very strong combination for the Venetians, who retained the most unique characteristic of the premises that rare.

The Baccari are indeed the oldest inns in the city, once a single use and consumption of Venice, are now open and known by tourists who increasingly want to know the habits and customs of a city so unique.

So here also want to introduce you to our hotel near the Venetian cuisine by organizing a culinary tour of Venice, beginning with the oldest Baccari as those close to Rialto to the most recent to have been able to rework the old recipes of traditional food and wine making this kitchen into another pride of the city.


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