Venice Carnival 13/02 – 02/03/2022 –

The origins of Venice Carnival are centuries old and are first documented in papers by Doge Vitale Falier in 1094, speaking of public enjoyment when the word Carnival was mentioned for the first time.

The first official document that declared the Venice Carnival was a public celebration is an edict dating1296 when the Senate of the Republic declared the day before Lent to be a public holiday.

The anonymity guaranteed by the masks and costumes meant there was a sort of equality amongst the various social classes and it was even possible to make fun of the authorities and aristocracy.

The masked, festive participation in this collective dressing up was, and still is, the true essence of Carnival. A carefree period in which one’s everyday habits are abandoned, together with any kind of prejudice and slander, towards those around one and oneself. Everyone becomes one on a vast masked stage, where the actors and audience blend together in a unique, immense procession of figures and colours.

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