Boat Tour Venice

The way to get round Venice and the lagoon, while maintaining an absolutely unique feature, has suffered from the events of the time and has adapted to new trends of modern times. So here who have the appearance of the boats and ferries, the true backbone of maritime transport in the city.

These means of transport while in Venice have created serious hardships, with the spread of the notorious wave that undermines the foundations of its ancient buildings, has allowed those who want to move quickly to reach a much reduced time zones of the city which should have been a long journey on foot.

In this respect, our hotel has decided to include in its programming initiatives including a boat ride to allow all those tourists who wish to visit in a short time not only the main attractions of the city, but also the best of the Venice lagoon can offer, and do it comfortably seated on a speedboat as a modern Charon them traghetterà channel, and sestrieri streets of Venice.


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