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The 42 rooms of Hotel Rigel in Venice Lido covering different types, including Single Bed, Double Standard, Double Superior and rooms with extra beds, are unique for the choice of furnishings and the atmosphere that pervades them. Each one is always inspired by different and fascinating themes linked to a historical period, to places in the world or to some famous person.
Here you can have a look at some rooms of the 'double superior' type:



This room is furnished in the typical Venetian style that recalls the luxury and elegance of eighteenth-century Venice when the city was at the height of its splendour and painters such as Canaletto and Guardi, and musicians such as Vivaldi and Benedetto Marcello were living here.

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Just like the other rooms in the hotel, this delightful room also evokes the typical style of the eighteenth century but instead of the characteristic colours and shades of the Venice of that period, this room evokes the austerity and style of “Hapsburg” Italy

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The cardinal scarlet, the arabesques on the wallpaper, the multicolour cornices of the white lacquered furniture evoke the atmosphere and colours of some of the palaces in Papal Rome

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The furnishings and interior design of this room evoke the period of Venetian nobility when the most famous lover in the world was alive.

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This is no doubt the most exotic room in the hotel recalling the characteristic style of the Turkish civilisation that, although the most dangerous antagonist of Venice both in politics and commerce, had such influence on its art and culture.

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The delightful wooden inlays and polychrome lacquering with garlands of flowers that adorn the bed-head together with the two bedside tables take the guests back to the times and opera house where Maria Malibran (1808-1836,) once performed.

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La Rosa

With its soft lines, the pastel colours of the furnishings and its delicate canopy, this is surely one of the most romantic rooms in the hotel, and you will find yourselves emerged in the subtle fascination and peace that are characteristic of the hotel.

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La Fiorentina

The dark colours of the waxed wooden floors, the simple but elegant lines of the bed and the typically fifteenth-century Florentine furnishings in the room, as well as the floral designs and the colours of the fabrics all convey the elegance and harmony of the rooms.

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Festival del Cinema

The colour of gold and the elegant motifs of its wallpaper, a graceful chandelier, and the interweaving of the colours of the cornices of the bed-head and the furnishings all evoke the set of one of the countless romantic films shown at the oldest film festival in the world.

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