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Two walks through Venice

Hotel Rigel suggests to its guests two itineraries among the very many possible among the calli and campi of Venice. Far from being exhaustive, these itineraries are essentially walks that a Venetian might suggest to a close friend who comes to visit and wants to get a taste of what he or she may encounter and see in any corner of Venice's magical historic center. Enjoy your walk. G. Serafini

Due Passeggiate Per Venezia

Recommended itinerary for getting around Venice

Reach the Santa Maria Elisabetta landing and board vaporetto number 1.

Get off at the San Zaccaria stop. Visit St. Mark's Square and of monuments overlooking it (the Doge's Palace, St. Mark's Basilica, the Correr Museum, the Bell Tower, and the Clock Tower).

Visiting all the monuments in the square could take you the whole day.

With your back to the basilica, leave St. Mark's Square by walking down Via 22 Marzo until you reach the Campo di Santa Maria del Giglio (*), the Campo di San Maurizio and the Campo di Santo Stefano (the eponymous churches of the first and third Campo are certainly worth a visit).

Then head towards the Accademia bridge and once you cross it decide to visit the splendid Gallerie dell'Accademia (*) (the most beautiful and important picture gallery in the city) or continue the walk immediately.

Go all the way along Rio terrà Foscarini until you reach the "Zattere" and after taking advantage of the splendid view, turn to your right until you reach the gelateria "da Nico" (try the "gianduiotto" or the "panna in ghiaccio") and then to the Ponte Longo which you will not cross turning instead for the Fondamenta Nani from which you can observe the "Squero di San Trovaso" where gondolas are still built ! ! and enjoy some "cicchetti" (typical Venetian snacks) and a glass of good wine at the "Schiavi" enoteca osteria.

Continue until you meet the Ponte de le Meravegie bridge .

Cross it, continue following the street to campo San Barnaba (*) to arrive crossed the Ponte dei pugni in campo Santa Margherita.

If "Nico's" ice cream or "Schiavi's" cicchetti haven't spoiled your appetite, I suggest a stop in this campo for lunch (Restaurant at "Mi e Ti") or coffee at one of the many cafes.

Leave Campo Santa Margherita through the "calle de la chiesa" and after crossing a bridge you will find yourself in front of the church of San Pantalon.

A visit is highly recommended as by turning on the interior lighting with a coin you will be able to see the largest canvas painting in the world on the ceiling.

Then continue through a serpentine of calli until you reach campo San Rocco, in front of the homonymous Scuola Grande completely decorated with paintings and frescoes by Tintoretto (for lovers of Venetian painting of the 1500s absolutely not to be missed).

A few steps away you will also find the splendid Frari church with one of Titian's most famous paintings (the Assumption of Mary), a magnificent wooden choir and the tomb of Antonio Canova.

From Campo dei Frari continue now in the direction of Rialto , home of the famous Fish/Fruit Market (*), and cross the world-famous bridge of the same name from which you can enjoy a splendid view of the Grand Canal.

Descend from the Rialto Bridge and head towards the "Mercerie" (which was and is the commercial and shopping heart of the city) walking along them until you reach St. Mark's Square from where you will take the vaporetto back to the Rigel Hotel.

Notes: the itinerary is hardly feasible in a single day if you wanted to visit all the spaces and monuments mentioned, not to mention as many I have neglected to indicate but which would still deserve your attention. So I leave it to you to choose what to see and what to reserve for a visit the next day or on your new city vacation.

Along the itinerary there are numerous landings indicated with an asterisk in parentheses (*) from which you can embark (always line 1) to skip a few sections or to return to the Lido.

Hotel Rigel on the Lido of Venice

The hotel is located less than five minutes by walk from the public water transportation service, with uninterrupted runs, both day and night, connecting the Lido to Venice St. Mark's Square.


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