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The island of Lido by bicycle


1 - From the hotel take via Enrico Dandolo to your right, cross the bridge and turn to your right and then as soon as possible back to your left, taking via Lepanto and then via Lazzaro Mocenigo (with its fantastic Art Nouveau villas) for its entire length until you cross via Dardanelli.

Leave via Dardanelli for via Marcantonio Bragadin, which you will follow until you meet the Guglielmo Marconi promenade.

At the intersection turn right and walk the entire waterfront to its end.

Leave the Guglielmo Marconi waterfront at the point where it curves and turns into Via Cristoforo Colombo.

Take a small dirt road that will take you to the beginning of the "murazzi "the ancient sea defenses of Venice.

Pedal to Malamocco, leaving the murazzi and heading toward the ancient Roman center of Metamauco (now Malamocco).

Take advantage of the excellent "Osteria da Ciccin" with whom the hotel has an agreement for special treatment.

You have thus completed a distance of about 8 km.

2 - At this point after lunch if you are not tired you can continue pedaling until you reach the Alberoni locality for another 3 km. taking advantage of the free beach and natural oasis.

If, on the other hand, the already accomplished pedaling has satisfied your claims you can return to the hotel by the same route or instead choosing to pedal along the road that runs along the lagoon, via Malamocco continuing along via Sandro Gallo to the hotel Rigel.

3 - Should you decide to prefer a more strenuous ride (16 km in addition to the additional 16 for the return) once you reach the "Alberoni" board the ferry boat that will take you to Pellestrina, with its beaches and seafood restaurants. Continuing for 1 km you will arrive at the extreme tip of the island at Ca' Roman where you can visit the nature reserve and have a drink at Sergio's kiosk in front of the lagoon.

Among the many good ones we would like to point out one choice with a good quality/price ratio: "Ristorante ai Pescatori".

Hotel Rigel on the Lido of Venice

The hotel is located less than five minutes by walk from the public water transportation service, with uninterrupted runs, both day and night, connecting the Lido to Venice St. Mark's Square.


Our rooms

The 42 rooms of Hotel Rigel in Venice Lido are unique for the choice of furnishings and the atmosphere that pervades them.
Each one is always inspired by different and fascinating themes linked to a historical period, to places in the world or to some famous person.