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Venice Marathon

22 October 2023

The 42K, an international race over the Olympic distance of Km 42.195, the most classic and fascinating discipline in athletics; a marathon recognized worldwide by the IAAF and certified Bronze Label. It is run on a course that is unique in the world, where every kilometer is full of charm and suggestion; from the start, placed in front of Villa Pisani, the Riviera del Brenta, with its villas, and Venice, with the transit over the Ponte di Barche, Piazza San Marco, the Campanile and Palazzo Ducale. Venicemarathon is a race that, even after so many years, continues to exert a fascination and vivid appeal in both athletes and the public, always ready to grasp and participate in what the marathon can offer.

The 21K, included in the program for the first time in 2022, starting from downtown Mestre and finishing at the Arsenale.

The 10K, is the race on the most impressive ten kilometers in the world, the last of the Venicemarathon. The race that allows anyone to experience the charm of Venice, starting from San Giuliano Park.

Family Runs, non-competitive races organized in various locations around the province that unite kids, families and anyone who wants to spend a day of health and fun, involving participants in the marathon atmosphere.

Exposport, the Sports and Leisure Fair, the headquarters and beating heart of Venicemarathon in the days leading up to the race, which takes place in Europe's largest city park, San Giuliano Park in Mestre.

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Hotel Rigel on the Lido of Venice

The hotel is located less than five minutes by walk from the public water transportation service, with uninterrupted runs, both day and night, connecting the Lido to Venice St. Mark's Square.


Our rooms

The 42 rooms of Hotel Rigel in Venice Lido are unique for the choice of furnishings and the atmosphere that pervades them.
Each one is always inspired by different and fascinating themes linked to a historical period, to places in the world or to some famous person.