Nordic Walking in Venice Lido

The best way to come in touch with the historical and natural attractions of Lido di Venezia is to walk, taking one’s time to watch and observe: its small canals, its  architecture, its striking views from across the Lagoon and its natural sites and protected areas are impressive.

The practise of Nordic Walking permits to enjoy a relaxing stay and at the same time do physical excercise and feel better.

Nordic Walking  is  a full-body activity suitable for all ages and fitness levels and provides physical benefits. Thanks to the correct nordic walking technique and to the use of poles, one can afford long, dynamic walks while enjoying the unique landscapes and environment of Lido di Venezia: the combination of sport with nature and culture will enrich one’s soul and boost one’s mood!

Lido di Venezia, is the best way to combine sport with culture, it is great for body and mind!
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