Expo Venice 2015

Aquae 2015, the Venetian side of Expo Milano 2015 organized by the Expo Venice and dedicated to water as a fundamental element of life. It is a program of fairs, exhibitions, experiential activities and conferences that will be held in Venice between May and October 2015 and will have as its theme the Water, in its capacity as a fundamental element for life.

Aquae 2015 includes a series of six exhibitions of cultural and exhibition center that will deal with topics related to natural and environmental aspects, economic and industrial.

These events will last between four days and two weeks, and are identified as follows: Planet Water, Water is Life, Living Water, Water, and work (Hydrica), Sister Water, Clean House.

To temporary events is accompanied by an exhibition that will be open for the duration of the Expo and to which it will be connected to a tempory restaurant dedicated to innovative cuisine based on fish of a selection of the 130 countries participating in Expo.

Principal place of Aquae 2015 will be the new district multifunctional VEGA 2, near the Science and Technology Park VEGA. VEGA 2 covers a total area of 80,000 m² gross overlooking the Laguna Veneta. The covered area is 40,000 m². Easily accessible by public transport (train stops, bus and tram), is also expected to more than 600 parking spaces.

At the same time in 2015, the seat of Aquae VEGA 2 will host the Fishtown Temporary Restaurant where Italian and international chefs will take turns in preparing dishes based on fish: torly from Egyptian to Japanese sashimi, peixada from Brazilian to Spanish paella. A large section is obviously dedicated to Italian cuisine based on fish of the regional traditions. Fishtown Temporary Restaurant will also host cooking classes, cooking show and picnic areas where visitors will be able to cook for his friends.




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